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The Edward M. Nagel Scholarship Foundation was formed in 1992 as a charitable memorial to the memory of Edward M. Nagel. Throughout his life, Ed cultivated associations and respect with people from all walks of life and supported various community organizations. Desiring to make a special contribution to economically disadvantaged young people who are motivated to get an education, he founded The Edward M. Nagel Foundationin 1992.

The Edward M. Nagel Scholarship was set up to make grants to universities, colleges or other educational institutions for the purpose of providing scholarship awards (The Edward M. Nagel Foundation Scholarship) to students. According to Foundation guidelines, students must be earning a 3.0 overall GPA in coursework and be majoring in a business-related field. The selection of recipients is administered by each institution.

The Foundation made contributions to universities/colleges, to award scholarships to individual students. Contact relationships with recipient institutions are made by officers of the Foundation. The Foundation has fully committed its grants. We do not accept unsolicited proposals. For this reason, we do not publish guidelines and applications.

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