The Edward M. Nagel Foundation Memorial Scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate meritorious effort in their undergraduate studies with an emphasis in business or a business-related field. Students must maintain a 3.0 overall GPA in their undergraduate coursework. Educational Institutions to which the foundation presents awards:

University of San Francisco
University of California-Berkeley
University of California-San Francisco
Dominican University of California
Point Loma Nazarene University
The Catholic University of America
San Francisco State University
University of the Pacific
University of Michigan Law School
United Negro College Fund


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  • Dashawnda (Sunday, April 21 13 08:55 pm EDT)

    Thank You!
    Thank you to the Edward M. Nagel Foundation for helping UNCF to contine to remind low income minority students that, "a mind is a terrible thing to waste."

    Without the generous support of the Edward M. Nagel Foundation UNCF would not be able to assist deserving students in achieving their dream of a college education. On behalf of our students and the schools we serve UNCF thanks the Edward M. Nagel Foundation for its generosity and committment to education for all.

    Thank you,
    Dashawnda Brown

  • Shae Otsuka (Tuesday, April 02 13 08:26 pm EDT)

    Thank You!
    Thank you so much for your generosity. This scholarship has given me the opportunity to continue my undergraduate degree at the University of San Francisco. I am currently a sohphomore studying Entrepreneurship and Innovation. My family and I can't thank you enough for supporting me.
    In the future, I hope to give back to your foundation as you have given to me.
    Thank you again!

  • A Brown (Wednesday, February 22 12 12:02 am EST)

    Thank you from a Dominican University of California Business School Graduate
    Dear Edward M. Nagel Foundation:

    I wanted to thank you all again for providing me with a scholarship for three years to help offset the costs in completing my Undergraduate degree in e-Commerce Business at Dominican University of California.


    A Brown

  • Carolyn Hanson (Tuesday, November 22 11 09:42 pm EST)

    Edward Nagel Scholarship
    I am Carolyn Hanson, and I am a senior at Dominican University of CA, studying business and accounting. I wanted to thank the Edward Nagel Scholarship for helping me and other students at my university achieve their academic dreams. I personally will be pursuing a career in accounting and earning my CPA after I graduate. Thank you again for supporting education, and therefore, out future!

  • Reed Upson (Saturday, November 19 11 01:50 am EST)

    Edward Nagel Scholarship
    My names Reed Upson and I'm currently a senior and Dominican University of California pursuing my degree in business finance and an MBA in global strategic management. I'm also one of the leaders on the NCAA D2 lacrosse team here at Dominican, and am passionate about starting my own business one day and giving back to the community. I want to thank everyone at the Edward Nagel Foundation for honoring me this amazing scholarship. I am proud to be apart of such a great cause, and I hope one day I am able to give back just as this foundation has given to me!

  • Devin Hopkins (Tuesday, April 19 11 11:07 pm EDT)

    Nagel Foundation
    Hello my name is Devin Hopkins and I am currently a senior, graduating in May, at the University of San Francisco. I am the team captain on the Cross Country and Track teams and I am a Business Administration major. However, I hope to become a dentist and open my own practice as my career goal. I just met with the dean of the Bussiness School at USF and Mr. Dotson, a director on the board for the Nagel Foundation. Meeting with the other recipients and Mr. Dotson was really genuine. Getting to know each of the other recipients and what their stories and and plans are reinforced for me the purpose of this scholarship, helping those with a passion to succeed. Listening to Mr. Dotson talk of Mr. Nagel was very humbling while also inspiring. I find it amazing that a man I never knew was able to help make a difference in my life for the better. I can only imagine how good of a man he must have been while he was alive. I am truly blessed to have had this opportunity and I hope that I may also have an opportunity to make a positive difference in someone's life as Mr. Nagel has had in mine. Again thank you for everything.

  • Ellen Grace Donida (Saturday, April 16 11 12:48 am EDT)

    Many thanks!
    I cannot describe how fortunate I am to be able to attend a four-year university (and soon to be graduating)! The Edward M. Nagel Foundation has truly helped to make this possible, and for that I am definitely grateful.

  • Michael Patch (Monday, May 17 10 11:14 pm EDT)

    Business in the Musical Arts
    While at SFSU I have worked hard to gain my maters in choral conducting. But the "art" isn't everything. From grant writing to budgets, to organizational skills, administration is a huge part of any arts organization. While working in the choral department at SFSU, I am gaining skills that are directly applicable to my work as Artistic Director of the Oakland-East Bay Gay Men's Chorus. Thank you Edward M. Nagel Foundation for helping to make my education possible.

  • Josephine (Tuesday, March 23 10 09:32 pm EDT)

    Thank you!
    Thank you for the support and scholarship that made my studies at USF possible! I appreciate it very much!

  • Jeremy Shorenstein (Monday, March 22 10 01:27 am EDT)

    Thank you
    Thank you so much for making my studies possible at the University of San Francisco. The Edward M. Nagel Foundation has helped me be able to graduate this year with a Bachelors degree in Finance. I appreciate the generosity you have shown me as a student and I hope that this Foundation never stops helping students to gain an education.

  • Nick Hamati (Sunday, March 07 10 11:20 pm EST)

    Thank You
    I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to the Nagel Foundation for making my studies at the University of San Francisco possible.

  • Katharine Torres (Wednesday, August 26 09 11:34 pm EDT)

    Many thanks to the Edward M. Nagel Scholarship Foundation
    Though delayed, I would like to the the Edward M. Nagel Scholarship foundation, for which I am happy to have continued my degree in Hospitality Industry Management. I cannot thank you enough.

  • Megan Jamiolkowski (Thursday, May 28 09 06:49 am EDT)

    Thank you
    I also would like to thank the foundation for the honor of being chosen as a Nagel scholar. The financial support has been a great help to me in pursuing my degree in biomedical engineering.

  • Andrew Gravunder (Thursday, May 28 09 05:16 am EDT)

    Thanks the the Nagel Foundation
    I want to thank the Nagel Foundation for being selected as a Nagel Scholar. It is an honor and privilege to be counted among the likes of Edward M. Nagel.

  • Theresa Murray (Wednesday, May 27 09 09:18 pm EDT)

    Thank you for your support
    I would like to thank the Nagel Foundation for supporting the aspirations of biomedical engineering students. I am honored to be chosen.

  • Jenna Graham (Monday, May 25 09 02:39 am EDT)

    Thank you
    I would just like to say thank you for the honor of being selected for the Nagel Foundation scholarship.

  • Binh Tran (Sunday, May 24 09 08:26 pm EDT)

    Many thanks to the Nagel Foundation %26 it's directors
    On behalf of the university and students at The Catholic University of America, I want to thank the Nagel Foundation for its longstanding support of our program and our students over the past 10 years and for your continued support going forward. It is much appreciated.

  • Michael Dotson (Thursday, May 14 09 07:04 pm EDT)

    Tweet to Recipients
    A Foundation Director who is proud to help make the education of so many possible yet I know it is the Scholars who make all the difference.

  • Susan Elliott (Tuesday, April 28 09 11:25 pm EDT)

    Thank you
    Your website is a wonderful way to enable students and staff at our University to express appreciation to the Foundation. Thank you very much for your continued support of business students at Dominican University of California! Our students have benefited so much over the years from the generosity of the Edward M. Nagel Foundation.

    Best regards,

    Susan Elliott
    Director Research %26 Sponsored Programs
    Dominican University of California

  • Gus (Monday, April 06 09 10:34 pm EDT)

    Thank you so much for all the financial help with school. It's been an amazing experience. I will continue my musical education and career.

  • Holly Bowling (Friday, April 03 09 02:37 am EDT)

    Thank you!
    As a Nagel Scholarship recipient, I just wanted to say thank you for the support over the past year. Having the financial security provided by a scholarship has allowed me to go out on a limb and start my own business teaching music, which has turned out to be rewarding, successful, and an incredible learning experience. Being selected for a Nagel scholarship helped push me to go for this goal, and I'm so glad I pursued it. Thank you!

  • Kristine Haskett (Thursday, April 02 09 07:17 pm EDT)

    What a great website! I am delighted to be able to "sign the wall." I also wanted to say "thank you" for your many years of scholarship support for our students in the School of Business and Management. It is because of the generosity and partnership of individuals like Edward Nagel (and the individuals of the Edward M. Nagel Foundation Board who now protect his legacy) that USF's students continue to fashion a more just and humane world.

    Best regards,
    Kristine Haskett
    Asst. Director
    Corporate %26 Foundation Relations
    University of San Francisco

  • Joe Watkins (Wednesday, March 11 09 09:00 pm EDT)

    To our friends at the Edward M Nagel Foundation,

    Congratulations on the developement of you fine website!
    Our students, faculty and staff at Point Loma Nazarene University are grateful for the continued support of the Edward M Nagel Foundation. Thank you for the scholarships for outstanding business students who seek to create and enhance more than the bottom line for the organizations they will work for.

    We send our best wishes to the members of the foundation board as they susstain the ideals of Edward M Nagel.

    Warm regard,
    Joe Watkins
    VP for External Relations
    Point Loma Nazarene University

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