Oroweat Baking Company Founders

The Oroweat Baking Company was founded in Los Angeles California in 1932 when two local bakeries merged their operations in order to survive the nation-wide economic Depression of that era. Herman Dreyer, a North Hollywood baker, joined Henry Bergencamp and Ed Nagel who operated a bakery across town. The new firm took the name Oroweat from “Oro,” which means gold in Latin, and “weat,” the Old English spelling for wheat, which Dreyer had copyrighted in 1928. The company eventually expanded into a wholesaling enterprise with a market ranging from Alaska and the West Coast to Dallas and Kansas City. The firm initially expanded to San Francisco by 1939 and continued expanding in the West, reaching the Northwest in the 1960s.

Excerpt from:

Oroweat Distribution Warehouse Landmark Nomination, Beth Dodrill Consulting, July 2008 for the City of Seattle Preservation Board


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